At Greenwheels, we charge a one-off deposit to the amount of €225 when you register. The deposit is a way of ensuring that everyone treats the stuff we share with care. 


A deposit, or a security, is a sum that you pay and which will be reimbursed to you if nothing happens to the Greenwheels car.  

If you pay for Greenwheels with your credit card, then there's no need to pay a deposit. A sum of 225 euros will be held in reserve on your credit card. If you pay by direct debit, then this amount will be debited from your account after registration. It will be reimbursed to you no later than 8 weeks after your subscription expires.  


Frequently asked questions about deposit

When do you pay the deposit?

When you pay Greenwheels charges with a credit card, only a reservation of the deposit will be withheld from your credit card. This means that the spending limit of your credit card will be temporarily reduced. If you choose to pay by automatic bank transfer (IBAN) during your registration, you will pay the deposit of € 225 immediately. You pay the deposit during your registration.

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