The Greenwheels Germany service will be discontinued on September 30th, 2022. New customer registrations are no longer accepted. We say thank you for the many trips, adventures and the time we spent together.

Thank you and good bye


Greenwheels Service Germany is discontinued on September 30, 2022. We say thank you for the travels, adventures and time we spent together.



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Deelauto instappen op reis jonge vrouw

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Head out with one of our 400 shared cars whenever you want. Save on car costs - no more worrying about maintenance, parking and insurance.


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You can drive one of our cars whenever you want, there is always one near you. With Greenwheels you don’t have the hassle of visits to the local garage or fixed costs that come with car ownership. Use the Greenwheels app to book, open and close the car in no time at all.

Greenwheels takes care of everything for you. From the maintenance to the insurance.

Save yourself the hassle and the cost of maintenance, depreciation, insurance, parking and refuelling. Choose a subscription without fixed fees or a subscription with super-low monthly rates.

Greenwheels, over 25 years of experience in car sharing

You can always rely on Greenwheels. We have nice, well-maintained cars. And 24/7 service in case you need it.

Our handy app takes care of everything

Search. Book. Open.

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